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  1. Not even kidding. When we turn the water on, in the kitchen sink, it sounds like a fast hammer beating on a pipe or a slow machine gun.

    It's only on the kitchen sink, nowhere else in the house.

    What is that and how do we fix it?
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  2. Clips of news anchor Brian Williams were threaded together in such a way that it makes him rap Snoop Dogg's "Gin and Juice" song. What an honor for Snoop! Good job Jimmy Fallon.

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  3. Random funny pictures from the web. You can be sure that I 100% pressed right click save as on these from another site, but they don't fit into any of my normal funny picture categories. Or, I just don't have enough of a particular set to bother making a gallery out of them. So here's random funny picture dump 1!

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  4. Cute dogs to make you cry. Large whales to make you feel small. Kittens to make you feel warm and fuzzy. Birds to make you buy ear plugs. Bugs up close to make you put down bug spray for 5 minutes, unless they're mosquitoes. Forget mosquitoes! I don't care who you are, mosquitoes are annoying.

    Submit your cool animal photographs.

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  5. Some people claim this is a ghost car which comes out of nowhere. I think the video is the result of weird angles all at the right place at the right time. The car probably blew the light and was inching into the traffic, but we couldn't see it due to the other cars in the way and the weird angle the left turn was taken.

    What do you think?

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  6. I'm just laughing at how stupid these Filipino people are for enacting a ritualistic nailing to the cross. Why don't they sit home and watch Dance Moms and chill out? It's 4/20 and they got tricked into getting "high" up on a cross.

    So there's a guy in a cape, Greek looking soldiers, a white dude, and a bunch of people looking bored. I feel like they all want to go home and drink a Red's Apple Ale and play some Xbox.

    What makes people want to spend a day looking as bored as these people do?...
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  7. Let's be honest with ourselves - does anyone really care about Easter? It's a fake holiday depicting a giant costumed bunny delivering plastic egg filled with cheap candy or Jolly Ranchers bought by the bag at WalMart. Or the Easter bunny delivers real eggs, but they're chicken eggs. And here's a list of reasons why the Easter bunny is stupid...

    A rabbit does not give birth to chickens.

    And a rabbit is not six feet tall and walks on hind legs.

    And a rabbit does not...
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  8. Shout outs to the gang behind Epic Rap Battles! Happy Easter if you're celebrating...celebrating a big stupid fake bunny delivering plastic eggs full of store bought candy! Holla!!

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  9. Some are funny. Some are not. You be the judge.

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  10. Here's pictures of cool parents who made us laugh. I really like the white trash family who made their kid wear a sign saying "I AM A LIAR" in WalMart.

    My dad sort of had a mullet when he was young. That's cool!

    Send us pictures of your cool parents!

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