Fortnite is well on the way to their next cross-over which seems to be a Fortnite X Batman. Epic Games have also announced that there will be a reveal on Saturday 21st September at 8 am EST (1 pm BST). The reveal will be on the Fortnite YouTube page and if you watch the reveal you will receive in-game items as long as your Epic Games account is connected to your YouTube account.

The Dark Knight's 80th Birthday is on Saturday and this cross-over with Fortnite is their way to celebrate that milestone. No final details have been released yet but so far at Tilted Town we are seeing a beacon which is lit up and data miners have been into the files and have found a lot of items that are Batman related in this weeks update.

Such things as gliders, emotes, skins and even Gothic City itself would be what we would be expecting to see in the game which would be awesome! Are we going to see the Batcape though? With there being a rift beacon at Tilted Town right now, this could be a potential spot for us to see Gotham City appear.

All will be revealed tomorrow at 8 am EST and we can not wait! You can catch the reveal on YouTube at this link Fortnite X Batman

It's not just the reveal and the crossover that Epic Games have planned! If you are not much of a Fortnite fan but you are a Batman fan, Epic Games is right now offering 6 Batman games absolutely free through their Epic Games launcher this week only! These games are as follows

Arkham Collection which has the remastered Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, as well as Arkham Knight
The Original Batman Lego Game
DC Super Heroes
Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Not a bad list especially for free so make sure you jump on that before it ends!