Fans of Borderlands have been eagerly awaiting the release of Borderlands 3 which finally dropped early on Friday 13th. Many fans were so excited they chose to stay up and wait for the release to be able to jump on and check out the game. For PC players, this was not as easy as firing up the game and jumping in, they, unfortunately, suffered a lot of issues upon release with some even taking to Twitter to vent their frustration.

People have been reporting bugs which include players not being able to highlight equipment within their inventory when using a controller.

One of the issues that were mentioned by players was how the game would stutter on PC at random times, as you can imagine, stuttering in any game is never fun so on a brand new game that has just launched I would imagine many would be frustrated. Some were getting the stuttering issue when they would aim down sights in a new location and others would get the stuttering just by moving the camera. High-end desktop computers were struggling as well at maintaining a 60 frames-per-second which lead them to have to mess with their graphics in-game just to try and prevent the game from stuttering, this should definitely not have been an issue with a high-end desktop and a brand new game.

Some were advising players on the PC to stick with DirectX 11 and to not use DirectX 12 to help with the issues and others were advising to lower graphics settings or turn them off. Many also suggested closing the Epic Games Store launcher down and opening it again to help with some of the issues that were being caused.

It all seems like a bit of a pain just to be able to play a game, especially if you know your PC is more than capable of running the game you are trying to play. Let's hope these problems are soon fixed and players on PC can have a smoother experience.

Did you suffer any issues playing Borderlands 3 on the PC?