Data miners have been at it again and we now had leaked game files that show the possibility of a new map coming to Fortnite in Season 11. Season X has not been the greatest of seasons coming from Fortnite with many players complaining about how they are finding the game boring and too much the same with a new map never making an appearance.

At the moment in Season X, we are seeing slight map changes coming into the game each week and most of them coming with rift zones with the most recent map changes being Greasy Grove making a comeback with a Taco Theme and Moisty Palms replacing what was Moisty Mire and Paradise Palms and that becoming a Prop area where players can change into an object to hide from enemies.

Now we are seeing new names coming from leaked game files which looks very much like potential new places on the map and could indicate a whole new map. So, what names have been leaked? There are quite a few which is why speculation is so high in terms of a new map. Here is the list of names that have been pulled by data miners


That is quite a few names and definitely names that we could see Epic Games using in Fortnite!

There is also speculation that some of these new places could be appearing in Season X, especially since the names are so close to names already on the Fortnite map at the moment or close to areas that were removed not too long ago. It would make sense for Lazy Lagoon to become Lazy Lake and Weeping Woods sounds like another name for Wailing Woods which is an area of the map that was taken away some time ago.

Epic Games pushing out a complete overhaul of their game with a whole new map could be something that saves them after the bad season they have had with Season X. Gears 5 we know has surpassed Fortnite as being the most played game on Xbox One just recently. With there still being an orb at Loot Lake and many saying the next Fortnite event could be at Loot Lake, could the orb explode and completely wipe the map out? It sounds good and it's something we all want to see.

I myself would love to see a new map come to Fortnite, the one we have now is becoming stale and we do need some kind of change before too many more people become tired and move on.