Last week we mentioned how there was going to be a huge nerf to supers and buff stacking when Shadowkeep is released but now we have some good news that will make Destiny 2 players a lot more happier.

All weapons will be getting buffs to PvE damage, this seems to be the way Bungie would like to handle things when it comes to reshaping the meta for when Shadowkeep arrives.

Firstly, let's start with the weapons and how much of a buff they will be getting.

Auto-Rifles will be getting a 25 - 30% damage buff but this will depend on the enemy rank.
Bows will see a 31% damage buff to minor enemies with a 26% damage buff to major enemies.
Hand Cannons will see a 30% damage buff against minor enemies and also a supposedly fixed cannon bloom for 140/150s
Machine Guns will see a 25% damage buff against minor enemies
Pulse Rifles will see a 28% damage buff against minor enemies
Scout Rifles will see an 18-36% damage buff depending on the enemy rank
Sidearms will see a 16% damage buff to both minor and major enemies
Sniper Rifles will see a 47% damage buff to minor enemies

That is not all either, all weapon mods will be converted into permanent, unlockables, you may remember that this is something that is happening with armor 2.0. So, what is the difference? This will allow you to pull mods you already have as unlockables instead of you having to farm for new ones. There is an exception though, if the mod you have for that type is in a gun you will have to find that mod again or buy it again.