It's looking as though Discord was not the place gamers wanted to be when it came to subscribing to a service for games or at least Discord seems to believe so.

Back last year, Discord released a bundle of games that were available to those who used their Nitro subscription service, this service costs $9.99 or if you were to pay annually it would be $99. Discord is now saying that a vast majority of people who were Nitro subscribers were not playing the games that were coming with the subscription so they will be instead removing the game bundles from discord and will not be continuing with their contracts when the current contract expires.

This means that on the 15th October 2019, the games bundle will disappear from Discord. So what happens with those who paid for Discord Nitro annually? For those who paid for Discord Nitro annually and may have done so for the games, they will be able to receive a refund if they wish but Discord Nitro will be staying at the same price both monthly and annually for those who wish to continue receiving the extra features.

What happens to the games I purchased through Discord? These will not be affected by the removal of the games bundle on the 15th of October, the same goes for Nitro Perks.

In a bid to make the hit of losing the games bundle access with Discord Nitro a little less painful, they will be giving Nitro users 100MB upload size which will be rolled out to all those who choose to stay subscribed.

For now and up until the 15th October you can still continue playing the library of 60-plus games available through Discord Nitro but once October 15th hits, they will disappear.