Fortnite is at the moment doing a collaboration with Batman to celebrate the characters 80th anniversary. The cross-over was launched on Saturday, September 21st at 8 am EST (1 pm BST) and with the launch of the cross-over, we saw Tilted Town turn into Gotham City and Batman's grappler become available in-game! The launch of the cross-over was made by a reveal on the Fortnite YouTube channel in which viewers were gifted an item for watching the reveal as long as they had their Epic account linked to their YouTube account.

The whole cross-over will be on for the next two weeks taking us to just before the end of Season X and you can gain access to cool skins and other items during this two week period that is all Batman-themed.

During the next two weeks as well you have a list of challenges that are all Batman-themed that you can complete for a chance to earn a glider as well as XP towards the season level.

Have you played Fortnite during the Fortnite X Batman? What are your thoughts on Gotham City?