It would seem that the Jotunn weapon in Destiny 2 is in actual fact broken and it was not a rumor neither a meme. Shadowkeep is just around the corner so the last thing anyone would want to see is a weapon that is broken and can affect the game in some way, especially with a raid happening 4 days after Shadowkeeps release.

The Jotunn is well and truly broken and it seems to have been broken for well over a year but the details of how badly it is broken are just surfacing now. So, how exactly is the weapon broken and how bad is the damage?

When you fire the Jotunn at close range, enough to deal damage to yourself as well as the enemy if you are close enough to deal melee damage when you fire the weapon, the damage from the shot will skyrocket way past any normal damage. This problem is both noticed on consoles and PC but PC seems to get the worst of the damage with the damage reaching around 7 - 8x more than normal damage whereas with console players the damage only seems to double.

The worlds first raid happens on October 5th, just 4 days after the release of Shadowkeep and many players are calling out for the Jotunn to either be fixed or removed from the game.

I know for sure that players of Destiny 2 will not be upset about this weapon being vaulted until they fix it. As it stands right now though, Bungie has around 2 weeks to find a fix for this weapon or to just vault it.

Had you noticed this bug in Destiny 2? What are your thoughts about it and would it bother you having this weapon vaulted until it is fixed?

Hopefully, Bungie comes up with something and we see the weapon back and working how it should come Shadowkeep!