Call of Duty players worldwide are waiting patiently for the early access beta for Modern Warfare which starts on the 12th September on Playstation 4 and can only be gained if you have pre-ordered the game on Playstation 4. The early access beta will run from the 12th September until the 13th September and can be pre-loaded now which will give those who have pre-ordered the game a full 24 hours to play. If you have not pre-ordered the game, fear not as from the 14th September there will be an open beta on the Playstation 4 and this will run for everyone on Playstation 4 whether they have pre-ordered the game or not. The open beta will finish on September 16th for those on Playstation 4.

If you do not have a Playstation or you did not pre-order the game on Playstation, don't worry, you will be able to play the beta on PC and Xbox One on early access from the 19th to the 20th September if you pre-ordered and then an open beta will be available to all on every platform from the 21st to the 23rd September before ending and then us having to wait until the full release on October 25th.

So, what are we going to expect to be seeing and be able to play on the beta for the next two weekends? So far Activision has told us that we will be gaining access to "an epic and ever-changing series of Maps, Playlists, and other content drops" during the beta. More is said to be shared by Infinity Ward and Call of Duty themselves on social media so be sure to keep an eye out on their social media pages for more information as the beta's drop.

Remember, you can pre-load the beta right now on Playstation 4 so be sure to do that now so that you are ready for when the beta starts tomorrow, the usual time for beta starts is 10 am PST which is around 1 pm EST and 6 pm BST.