We had new a few weeks back about how Shadowkeep would bring a Battle Pass to Destiny 2 and now we have details on what exactly will be available through the battle pass once it drops!

Those of you who purchase Shadowkeep will get access to Season of Undying and if you have access to Season of Undying you will have access to both the free side of the battle pass and also the premium side of the Battle Pass.

We have no word on how these items that will be available in the battle pass were leaked as Bungie does not seem to have made any kind of announcement that we can see regarding the battle pass but so far, here is the list of what you can expect


3x Substitutional Armor Sets (fixed roll)
3x Phenotype Plasticity Universal Armor Ornaments
1x Eriana’s Vow exotic hand cannon
1x Eriana’s Vow ornament (rank 100)
2x Legendary seasonal weapons (fixed roll)
2x Ornaments for those legendary seasonal weapons
1x Exotic ship
1x Exotic emote
1x Transmat effect
2x Ascendant Prisms (for upgrading armor)
4x Ascendant Shards (for maxing armor)
1x Emblem
2x Shaders
2x Raid banners
4x Bright Dust bundles
3x Legendary Shards bundles
2x Legendary engrams
4x Exotic engrams
11x Glimmer bundles
4x Enhancement Core bundles
9x Materials bundles
27x “upgrade” items, I believe these are free infusions for specific types of items
8x Mystery Cube item (not sure what this is)
5x Mystery Coin item (again, not sure, these could have something to do with the Vex season activity)
19x Eververse year 2 engrams
This is a pretty amazing list and definitely one that I am liking the look of! Those who have the free battle pass though will only be able to earn anything up to tier 35 and then it will stop.

The battle pass will be released when Shadowkeep is released on October 1st and of course, much like with anything new this will be an experiment for Bungie and we should expect things to change quite often during this time.