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Guy at Ace Hardware defends mask mandate with BASEBALL BAT, get in brawl instantly

DUDE! What the heck just happened? Some dude who allegedly works at an Ace Hardware in Seattle came to the door with a freaking baseball bat, shoves the potential customer, then they get into an all out brawl in front of the store. Holy mask mandates, Batman. All this over a damn mask?
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Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Dude from the hardware store thought he was being cool. The minute he touched that man with that bat it was suddenly felonious assault.

He's lucky those guys didn't call the police. Maybe they wouldn't have charged him so harshly, but I believe that they could have. Bat is a deadly weapon.


Keep drinki9ng that kool aid kids, soon, you´ll have "government property" carved in your forehead.

boogie 2 months ago

nigga was on the ground and got up?
Not in my world, girls

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