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Someone watch this and explain it to me

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Matsaw 3 months ago

These are the next people in line to want equal rights, as in being able to legally marry other farm animals, cloppers, curry's and bronies and other Democrats,. They will reproduce and name their kids names Airplane Sally Bob because their baby has no sex and will identify as aircraft and old Joe he already thinks he's an airplane so of course he's all for it then someone will feel left out and want to make it legal to read to children in the public library while shoving gerbils up their but, then those are the ones who will decide what kids will eat at school, Mr. Biden is practicing writing his O's and wondering what it would be like to have his very own snufuluficus and play lead guitar for Iron Maiden, and getting Nada to reverse engineer ice cubes.

Crankers Funny Crazy Videos they warned you about - and maybe some hot babes!

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