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I have an outtie: Transperson describes their TUCK JOB

If we had to see it, then so do you.
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Coolkid 1 month ago

Completely Normal today

Anonymous 2 months ago

wtf tuck

whiteman 3 months ago

white people love trans

Pat 3 months ago

What a nut job. How about you tuck your head into your rectum and the world will be a much better place.

Typhus 3 months ago

Transgenderism is a mental illness. If you're born with a dick, you are a male. If you're born with a uterus and vagina, you are a woman. It has always been like that, and hopefully remain that way.

me 3 months ago

kill it, but torture it first

BigFootsUncleBob 3 months ago

Use gorilla glue you nasty fuck...

Matsaw 3 months ago

I'm at a loss for words, was that a Tic Tuck vide⁰? I can kind of relate he tucks his in so he can where lady clothes while I have to fold mine in half to put jeans on or wear swimming trunks. I don't have anything against trans folk, I don't understand how a man can identify as a woman and he's to be treated and seen as a woman by society but let's say I identify as a millionaire shouldn't I be treated as a millionaire? We hy not? What if I'm in prison and one day I just say I identify as a free person do I get out of jail I would think so. Joe Biden identify a as president of the united states and a lot of people hor him by acting like he is, so you see where this is eventually going, it'll get crazier ànd cràzièr becàuse God forbid if someones feelings get hurt at some point or another someone has to say NO! Hey airplane Sally Bob what do you got for first period, well mom uncle dad I have tucking economics.

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