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Guy shoots himself when new safety feature fails to work

This gun supposedly had a safety feature that would prevent the gun from firing if the magazine wasn't in it. This dude is showing it off. This dude learned the hard way that anything mechanical can fail and shoots himself.
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Rick 1 month ago

Firearms are made for only one purpose, and that is to kill animals and human beings. It's not a party favor, yet in literally hundreds of videos, you see these people in low I.Q. regions of the world who get what they deserve and many times kill the bride, groom, best man, and even kids. Putting guns into the hands of people with an average I.Q. of 85 coupled with stagnation caused by religion and you see what these monkeys do.

Anonymous 2 months ago


Bif 3 months ago

Too bad he didn't point it at his head.

john boy 3 months ago

Now he's wiping his ass with his right hand

smart person 3 months ago

This guy is so dumb hahahahah, he should have aimed it at his head so as not to spread these defective genes ☕

BigFootsUncleBob 3 months ago

I watch this over and over again, and I giggle like a school girl.

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