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PoPo busted on home video slamming door into someone's beater

Some cop dude was serving a search warrant and was like, hey, this door looks like it would be a great match for this car in the garage. Let's give it a few taps for fun. Annnnnnd there was a camera in there recording the whole time, sound and all. Oh snap. Internal affairs probably gonna laugh while giving him a tiny slap on the wrist.
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AspergerHicks 3 months ago

Goofy ass childish pig lol

boogie 3 months ago

To protect and serve...each other

BigFootsUncleBob 3 months ago

Nothing new to see here, pigs are pigs, they will soon have to choose a side when their made-up authority and their fasad comes crashing down around them and the Police are defunded. Then that's when the term; "People Remember" will be on the tip of every man's tongue and at the front of every man's mind

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