So anyway, not exactly sure how to describe this one, but..... WTF?

I was trying to describe this video and couldn't figure out how. I said f-ck it.
people suck shirt
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err 5 days ago

this is the basic line.. let's have black people do whatever they want.. crime, assault, and not say anytinng. like the black lives matter parades that turn into braking into businesses. stealing.. etc.. i am so happy they are still a very small minority where i live..thank the lord

Anonymous 1 week ago

isn't she Indian?

Gobsmacked 1 week ago

Typical black: thinks she's entitled enough to tell whites what they can and can't do with their own bodies.

Nonservium 3 months ago

Ignorant racist.

OverPrivilegedMillennial 3 months ago

Can’t spell Sterotypical without typical.

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