The N Word Prank

This dude Roman Atwood pulled off the N Word prank back in the day. What up, neighbor! Many have copied him after it, but they mostly sucked. This dude was funny tho.
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EnochLovecraft 2 months ago

Just proves that sh-tskins are racist! And all they want to do is fight! Skinny b-tches!

TomRoberts 3 months ago

Ah, this is why people around me keep complaining about neighbors.

Hadn't seen this video before, but now it all makes sense.

Punky 3 months ago

wow......those neighbors sure trigger easy. I wouldn't recommend living there.

Brash 3 months ago

So eager to turn a situation into something that it isnt. This is due to systemic Dem/Prog hate speech. lies and brainwashing.

A guy cant even say 'hey neighbors' without people getting in his face thanks to leftist rhetoric and false narratives.

LMAO 3 months ago


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