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This dude is Mad at Chairs!

Inclusivity includes chair sizes that fit fat people, instead of making fat people fit chair sizes through diet and exercise.
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Darky 3 weeks ago

Wtf, i am 6.3 feet. i have had problems with chairs. I have broken chairs in public. I have problems with doors. I have problems with anything that has anything to do with size. I did not and have not made this much of a problem about it. I can't choose to be 6.3 feet. That fat f-ck can choose not to be fat XD

WhoCares 3 weeks ago

Damn, I guess I need to start complaining about average height privelage. Everything is made for f-ckin' short people.

Sam Blake 3 weeks ago

Lose weight you fat wanker

Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Eat a f-cking salad

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