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SNL says Black Superman movie makes sense, because he was abandoned by parents anyway

Sorry, but I laughed out loud at this each time and you can tell the host was enjoying it too. This type of humor IS FUNNY. Stop being so sensitive. Just enjoy a good joke, even if it is offensive, and have fun in life. If we can't laugh at ourselves and each other, then WE are the problem. Don't disappoint George Carlin by being a pansy about a joke on SNL.
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Dabrazilianguy 1 month ago

Hey, it´s not racism if it´s true!

Anonymous 1 month ago

We’re all negative stereotypes, all people of color are…..until y to your women chase us down and change our name to Daddy. Then we drop a baby off to be raised in Harvard and we leave again Bit€hes!!!

gizmo 2 months ago

The ultimate definition of confusion?
Father's day in Harlem

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